ANDRUPOS is a leading edge web based automated document examination system capable of authenticating printing techniques, and even identify printers by manufacturer and model and paper sources. Our solution offers the possibility to identify different printing technologies such as offset printing, inkjet printing, toner printing and other digital printing technologies. One of the most innovative features is the ability to link forged or counterfeit documents to a specific printer (manufacturer and model), in order to gather forensic proof. This way organized crime can be easily traced.
It is built on research projects and studies, in which the feasibility and the relevant technologies in ICT, software and analysis technologies have been validated and tested with pilot users.

ANDRUPOS is a game changer in document fraud detection such as ID document, MRTD’s, ID cards, banknotes, breeder and source documents, stamps, tickets, contracts, invoices, financial documents, threatening letters, brand protection and many more.
For the first time an automatic reliable inspection solution offers quick and confident reports on possible Document- and ID fraud, or counterfeiting banknotes.


Andrupos develops technologies for a software based, automated and non-destructive analysis of printed documents in terms of the identification of the utilised printing technology (like offset, ink jet, toner, and other). Even the print engine, the printer manufacturer and model or even serial number/specific printer can be identified. Specific characteristics of a questioned document (like used printer and even substrate) can be examined automatically.
Specific characteristics of a document (like used printer and substrate) can be examined automatically.
Our software will be integrated into a web-based server system.
Client applications on different types of devices (desktop pc’s, mobile devices) then can upload scanned (magnified) images (sections of the documents in question) via internet to the server. 
The server application analyses the uploaded image and informs the client about the outcome of the inspection,the identification and authentication of the used printing technology, the printer manufacturer, model and paper source.


The data, reference data of different printer manufacturers and printer models, printing modes and paper,  are stored in a global database, which can be directly consulted world-wide by a controlled network of users, such as (forensic) document experts. 
The outcome of the identification and authentication of a questioned documents can be stored in the database, off course without any personal information if presented. Any uploaded document resulting the same outcome will be alerted, and these documents can now be linked. Our solution will offer the document examiner forensic evidence  of any questioned documents printed from the same printing source.

Therefore, the Andrupos software solution it is the first worldwide system to link organized crime (they often use forged and counterfeit ID-documents, printed on the same source) in an earlier stage.


Fraudulent identity and security documents are integral prerequisites for the smuggling of migrants, trafficking in persons, terrorist mobility, to facilitate the smuggling of drugs, weapons and other goods, simplifying cross-border crime of all types. Counterfeited or manipulated documents enable opening of a bank account or receiving illegal social insurance benefits.
Even if document fraud is detected, prosecution is difficult as manual linkage between counterfeiters by their used printing equipment is very complex.

With the Andrupos solution document examiners have the possibility to compare a questioned document with a worldwide database, without the need to actually compare physical documents.
Suddenly Andrupos is offering a forensic database able of linking documents with the same forensic source code.




There are a lot of methods to authenticate if a passport or ID document is counterfeited or forged. Most of these methods are based on authentication of physical and electronical security features of a document. ANDRUPOS adds a new dimension as it authenticates and identifies documents on used printing techniques, printers and/or substrates.


A new forensic examination method to classify (counterfeit) banknotes on a forensic level. ANDRUPOS will automatically detect what substrate is used, what printing technique is used to counterfeit or forge a banknote. Our method can also be used as authenticator of background printing between counterfeit, forged and genuine banknotes..


There is a huge variety in documents that indicates an identity, like breeder or source documents, such as birth certificates, marriage certificate or certificate of death/deceased persons. Every country or even county or city, adds their own specific characteristics to such a document.
ANDRUPOS is able to analyse these characteristics on a forensic level in order to determine if a document is genuine, forged or counterfeit.


The ANDRUPOS team combines distinct, complementary and partially overlapping expert knowledge in core areas: printing technologies, forensic image analysis, web based application systems.
Erna Leenaars
Erna Leenaars
Erna Leenaars is one of the few printing technology experts in Europe delivering the relevant technical input about the different printers/printing technologies, raster image processors, reference sheet, supervises printing settings, checking on new technologies, testing effect on different software/printer/ink/toner combinations etc. 
As independent entrepreneur special trainings were developed and held for document specialists in non-destructive analysis of digital printed products.
Slavtcho Bonev
Slavtcho Bonev
The main expertise of Slavtcho Bonev is development on the analysis of printing techniques, paper textures and the interaction between printing process and paper substrate. Developments on the analysis of printing techniques, paper textures and the interaction between printing process and paper substrate (which causes different alterations of the specific printed pattern at scanning), profound and interdisciplinary knowledge of the different physical effects and image processing techniques as well as many years of experience with scanning devices and measurement concept design: digital image processing, information-coded images (ICI), rapid prototyping, high-security printing techniques, counterfeit analysis, paper-and-print analysis, optical meas-urement systems design (scanning devices), automatic authentication of documents/products based on printed or laser-engraved matrix codes, standardization of methods for authentication.
Alex van Duuren
Alex van Duuren
Alex van Duuren has a Bachelor degree in Business Informatics (2011), graduating on the topics of business process optimization for immigrations by automating borders. Alex worked for the Expertisecentre IdentityFraud and Document (ECID) for over 11 years and 18 years in total for the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee, the Dutch immigration agency (1994-2011). He was trained on all courses of identity document examination in the Netherlands, including expert level authentication and Identity fraud, and also studied environmental law, the law on aliens and foreigners, and obtained a certificate of assistant district attorney. For the past 7 years Alex worked as an independent ID & Border Management for several governments, international organisations and multinationals, and as a reseller of document examination equipment for manual ID document authentication.
Jan Schloen
Jan Schloen
Jan Schloen has a long-time expertice in designing and implementing internet/intranet based database and e-commerce applications. The expertise and main activities are the design and implementation as well as administration and operation of innovative, custom-made solutions in the field of internet/intranet based database and e-commerce applications. These comprise: secure browser based applications (b2b, b2c), content management systems (CMS), portal systems, software solutions for web based auctions, convention planning systems, track & trace solutions. Jan Schloen is a former research assistant of the University of Karlsruhe (now KIT – Karlsruhe Institute of Technology).


The ANDRUPOS FTI project will present it's latest developments at the TrustTech - The Global Event dedicated to Payments, Identification and Security, Cannes, France, 26.-28. November 2019, Stand Pod 004.

TRUSTECH is a unique 3-day event where 8.000 attendees from all over the globe meet to network, develop and reinforce business, as well as to spot the latest innovations and solutions in Payments and Identification.
Professionals from the Cards and Trust-based technologies industries will take centre stage at the three-day event at the Palais des Festivals in Cannes.

ANDRUPOS was present at the SDW 2019, 11-13 June ExCeL, London, UK.
Our stand will be at the start-up zone, DS1 (see floor plan). 
SDW is a world-leading event providing a global showcase for next-generation human identity solutions, focusing on intrinsic document security and on the new cutting-edge secure infrastructure now required to produce and use these advanced documents in live situations.
We will be delighted to welcome you on our booth and demonstrate our solution!

The ANDRUPOS FTI project presented it's developments at the SECURITY RESEARCH EVENT 2018, Brussel, 05-06. December 2018 (Exhibition part: Fight Against Crime & Terrorism)

Security Research Event (SRE) took place on 5th and 6th of December 2018 in Brussels at the Square Meeting Centre. The SRE is the annual conference where industry, public authorities and knowledge institutions come together to discuss the state of play and future challenges for security research in Europe, and where a selection of EU funded security-related projects are displayed in a large exhibition area.
Under the theme "Making Europe a safer place - demonstrating the impact of EU-funded security research", SRE 2018 will demonstrate the strength and inspiring results of security related research and innovation activities. The event will bring together 800 participants, representing a wide range of security stakeholders: researchers, industry representatives, public security providers and practitioners (i.e. fire departments, police, border guards, intelligence agencies, etc.), as well as policymakers from across Europe.



Disruptive Technology Ventures invests in Andrupos B.V.

Amsterdam, July 6 2018 - Andrupos receives an investment from Disruptive Technology Ventures, Amsterdam, to bring their automatic document identification software faster to the market. Disruptive Technology Ventures, the Dutch investment fund established by among others the former founders of cybersecurity leader Fox-IT (Ronald Prins and Menno van der Marel), and former KPN and TNT CEO Ad Scheepbouwer, invests in Andrupos to enable the company to go to market faster with their automated identification software for documents susceptible to fraud.

Successful application for an European H2020 FTI project

Andrupos is a spin off of the three companies Viaderna, Epyxs, EINS. These companies received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement No 760218 (in the programm Fast Track to Innovation)
Start date: 01.07.2017
Duration: 30 month
Project website:
  • Viaderna, NL   (Erna Leenaars)
  • Epyxs GmbH, GER   (Slavtcho Bonev)
  • Home Office CAST, UK
  • EINS GmbH, GER   (Jan Schloen)

Andrupos receives start capital

Andrupos receives start capital
The Hague, 15 December 2016 – The startup Andrupos is receiving €300,000 from the UNIIQ investment fund to develop software which enables the automatic identification of documents that are susceptible to fraud.

The investment was announced by Ingrid van Engelshoven, The Hague's alderman for The Knowledge Economy, International Affairs, Youth and Education.

The announcement took place during the annual meeting of The Hague Security Delta (HSD), where Andrupos has been based since November 2016.


The PrintIdentifier, a module of the ANDRUPOS application, is a manual guide to determine the printing technology of an image.
You need a magnifier or microscope, or you can upload your magnified image.

To use the module online, visit:



Quick to trace where falsified documents come from

Establishing the authenticity of documents that are susceptible to fraud, such as birth or marriage certificates, is particularly difficult. The worldwide battle against counterfeit money networks is also complex. These are huge and urgent problems that Andrupos is helping to address by developing an innovative solution to automatically trace security documents to their original sources.

Existing systems can demonstrate the authenticity of a document based on a check of its security features. For many security documents, however, this is already very difficult to do or even impossible. The technology being developed by Andrupos will provide immediate forensic information about the document, including which printer created it, the type of paper used and where forged documents with the same biometric features have been found.

Thanks to its unique knowledge in the field of paper and printing techniques, Andrupos has developed a solution whereby a scanner with proprietary software and algorithms can identify specific biometric features of a security document. These features are then cross-checked with a proprietary reference database to determine whether the document in question was produced in the correct, official way. When this has not been the case, the software can determine if and where similar documents have turned up before. Once established, the software will be a valuable tool that will help better counter criminal networks.

First steps towards commercial production

“The investment from UNIIQ will allow Andrupos to develop the first prototype. With this product, we will be able to automatically research and assess physical security documents forensically,” explains Erna Leenaars, who founded Andrupos with her two German partners.

This is the fourth investment by the UNIIQ investment fund since its creation in June of this year. Liduina Hammer, UNIIQ’s fund manager, says, “I am delighted to announce the first investment in the safety and security field. Andrupos is focusing on a clear unmet need in the identification of security documents. With its office on the HSD Campus, which hosts the largest security cluster in Europe, Andrupos is in the ideal location to move ahead with its proposition.”

At the opening of the HSD Campus International Centre last October, Andrupos won six months’ rent-free office space.


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