ANDRUPOS is a leading edge web based automated document examination system   capable of authenticating printing techniques, and even identify printers by manufacturer and model and paper sources. Our solution offers the possibility to identify different printing technologies such as offset printing, inkjet printing, toner printing and other digital printing technologies. One of the most innovative features is the ability to link forged or counterfeit documents to a specific printer (manufacturer and model), in order to gather forensic proof. This way organized crime can be easily traced.

Andrupos New approach

It is built on research projects and studies, in which the feasibility and the relevant technologies in ICT, software and analysis technologies have been validated and tested with pilot users.

ANDRUPOS is a game changer in document fraud detection such as ID document, MRTD’s, ID cards, banknotes, breeder and source documents, stamps, tickets, contracts, invoices, financial documents, threatening letters, brand protection and many more.
For the first time an automatic reliable inspection solution offers quick and confident reports on possible Document- and ID fraud, or counterfeiting banknotes.

Andrupos Printing Technique Identification


Andrupos develops technologies for a software based, automated and non-destructive analysis of printed documents in terms of the identification of the utilised printing technology (like offset, ink jet, toner, and other). Even the print engine, the printer manufacturer and model or even serial number/specific printer can be identified. Specific characteristics of a questioned document (like used printer and even substrate) can be examined automatically.Specific characteristics of a document (like used printer and substrate) can be examined automatically.
Our software will be integrated into a web-based server system.
Client applications on different types of devices (desktop pc’s, mobile devices) then can upload scanned (magnified) images (sections of the documents in question) via internet to the server.
The server application analyses the uploaded image and informs the client about the outcome of the inspection,the identification and authentication of the used printing technology, the printer manufacturer, model and paper source.


The data, reference data of different printer manufacturers and printer models, printing modes and paper,  are stored in a global database, which can be directly consulted world-wide by a controlled network of users, such as (forensic) document experts.

Andrupos Printing Technique Identification

 The outcome of the identification and authentication of a questioned documents can be stored in the database, off course without any personal information if presented. Any uploaded document resulting the same outcome will be alerted, and these documents can now be linked. Our solution will offer the document examiner forensic evidence  of any questioned documents printed from the same printing source.

Therefore, the Andrupos software solution it is the first worldwide system to link organized crime (they often use forged and counterfeit ID-documents, printed on the same source) in an earlier stage.

Andrupos Printing Technique Identification


Fraudulent identity and security documents are integral prerequisites for the smuggling of migrants, trafficking in persons, terrorist mobility, to facilitate the smuggling of drugs, weapons and other goods, simplifying cross-border crime of all types. Counterfeited or manipulated documents enable opening of a bank account or receiving illegal social insurance benefits.Even if document fraud is detected, prosecution is difficult as manual linkage between counterfeiters by their used printing equipment is very complex.

With the Andrupos solution document examiners have the possibility to compare a questioned document with a worldwide database, without the need to actually compare physical documents.
Suddenly Andrupos is offering a forensic database able of linking documents with the same forensic source code.