Our team

The ANDRUPOS team combines distinct, complementary and partially overlapping expert knowledge in core areas: printing technologies, forensic image analysis, web based application systems.

Andrupos BV Erna Leenars CEO

Erna Leenaars (CEO) is one of the few printing technology experts in Europe delivering the relevant technical input about the different printers/printing technologies, raster image processors, reference sheet, supervises printing settings, checking on new technologies, testing effect on different software/printer/ink/toner combinations etc. 
As independent entrepreneur special trainings were developed and held for document specialists in non-destructive analysis of digital printed products.

Andrupos BV Pelin Tuncay CTO

Pelin Tuncay (CTO) is responsible for the research and development team (3 members). Pelin has a Master in Science Satellite communications and remote sensing. After working at the Electronic Engineering Department of the Kultur Instanbul University as a Research Teaching Assistant and SAP-ERP administrator she joined Andrupos in the summer 0f 2019. Pelin has an extend of knowledge in image processing. She mainly focus on the CNN research within the company, and develops the Andrupos software solution together with her team.