Our main scopes


There are a lot of methods to authenticate if a passport or ID document is counterfeited or forged. Most of these methods are based on authentication of physical and electronical security features of a document. ANDRUPOS adds a new dimension as it authenticates and identifies documents on used printing techniques, printers and/or substrates.

Andrupos is offering a solution based on OCR reading and MRZ, verification of the background printing with a low cost flatbedscanner.

Andrupos is offering a SDK with a background printing verification solution and portrait verification solutions.

Andrupos is offering a high-end background printing and printing technique identification solution.

Andrupos is offering a reference database with over 100.000 images of prints of over 200 printers.


A new forensic examination method to classify (counterfeit) banknotes on a forensic level. ANDRUPOS will automatically detect what substrate is used, what printing technique is used to counterfeit or forge a banknote. Our method can also be used as authenticator of background printing between counterfeit, forged and genuine banknotes.


There is a huge variety in documents that indicates an identity, like breeder or source documents, such as birth certificates, marriage certificate or certificate of death/deceased persons. Every country or even county or city, adds their own specific characteristics to such a document.
ANDRUPOS is able to analyse these characteristics on a forensic level in order to determine if a document is genuine, forged or counterfeit.